Dmitry! Thank you so much for being with us on the most important day of our lives! We did not regret choosing you for a second! You are a true professional and maybe even magician a little =))) How can you feel people so precisely and create truly incredible films?! Your flash drive is a small piece of art… It is amazing how easy and relaxed one can feel with a stranger… I could say a lot and long about you… Just know that you create beautiful things and it is clear that you love what you are doing. And when people do what they love, they create masterpieces. Thank you for your masterpiece! We watch and enjoy it and go back to that day, 18.07.18. You and Diana made it even more beautiful. Thank you for being the one who shared our wedding day with us! We wish you every prosperity, energy, harmony, inspiration, happy clients, health and the very best in the New Year!